My Ministry

Youth ministry is a passion which I believe is best lived out as a calling centered on grace.  It has invaded my heart and changed my life...all because God dropped it in my lap.



Ephesians 4:7, 32



FYI: This was never my plan.

My plan never involved teaching or ministry.  I didn't think I could, and I was pretty sure I wouldn't want to anyway.  God had other ideas.

I grew up in a Christian home doing all the "Christian things" like going to church, attending Christian schools, and praying.  However, by the time I got to 10th grade, I started to wonder.  I thought, "Either Christianity really isn't all that great, or I'm missing something."    
Eleventh-grade me wasn't happy.  I had just been moved from VA to SC...away from all my friends, my school, my voice teacher...everything I held dear.  I was determined to be miserable about it, too (my parents can attest to that).  Making my family's life into one giant guilt-trip seemed to have become my favorite pass-time.  The first 7ish months of transition were rough, to say the least.
Despite all my attempts to be anti-social, one guy seemed determined to be my friend, whether I liked it or not.  He invited me to youth group at his Wesleyan church, and since there was no youth program at my own church back then, I eventually agreed to go.  Little did I know, that little youth room was going to be the place where my life would change.  It was there that I realized what was truly missing from my walk with God, and figuring that out dramatically changed my perspective, and ultimately my direction.  

At first, it started with the small stuff, which seemed to "snow-ball" into bigger stuff.  And now, here I am, still rolling down that hill.  Working through my MA in Theology and DCE Certification at Concordia Irvine gave me some momentum.  Now that I've finished up my internship at Salem Lutheran Church in Orange, CA - I'm ready for whatever is next! 

You want the whole story as to how I got here, doing what I'm doing now?  Check out my blog posts: Jesus in the Middle of Nowhere (Parts 1 & 2).

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