JOY! (Disney/Pixar's Inside Out)

Hi! I'm Katie, and I'm a mess...

But, I mean, aren't we all?  Thankfully there are also some desirable qualities floating around in the occasionally chaotic mess I call my life. 

  • I am an energetic, strong-hearted, free-spirited Leo with a deep need for adventure and a passion for finding extraordinary things amidst ordinary life.  Not being one for boring routines or super-detailed plans, I tend to be even-keeled and just "go with the flow."  

  • Finding something positive in almost any situation is usually an easy task for me.  Being an ambivert allows me to recharge my energy in a lot of different ways, which is great because I like to switch things up to keep life interesting!  

  • One of my biggest fears is a cage.  I hate feeling "trapped" or "stuck" in one place or situation - I need the freedom to move and stretch and be, without fear of the walls closing in and squelching my fire.  When I have that freedom, happiness and laughter come easily, and I love to laugh!  What's life without a sense of humor?  

    • On that note, I'm a firm believer that a joyful heart really is the best medicine (Proverbs 17:22).  Joy is not an emotion - it's a choice.  And, it's a choice you can only make if you know the One from Whom our joy comes.  God is the giver of every good thing, and this life?  It's a good thing.  The people around us? They are God's good creation (whether they know it or not), and if they have God's love, they should have mine too.

    • Personally, I think that sharing joy is one of the best ways to share God's love.  A smile, a good laugh, a look of beaming pride...those can all be expressions of joy, and everyone needs that gift.  You know what the best thing is about joy?  Joy brings out the beauty in us.  Even when we are at our messiest, there is something beautiful to be found in every person we meet.  We just have to be willing to invest the time to look for it.

Honest to goodness, I am so stoked that you stopped by my page!  Since you're here, we might as well get acquainted. Here are a few fun facts about me (in no particular order) to get our meeting off to a good start:   

Interesting Tid-Bits:​

  • My love language = gifts! 

  • I've jumped out of a plane...twice

  • Weirdest thing I've eaten: marinated beluga whale jerky (tasty!)

  • I'm part Irish, part German, part fairy, AND part super-human mutant (do with that what you will)

    • As a fire sign, I gather my power from the yellow sun (you're welcome, Superman fans)

  • I'm a odd mixture of the "Popular Sanguine" and "Perfect Melancholy" personality types (find yours out below!)


  • Strawberry fro-yo, peanut butter, thin-crust veggie pizza, mango smoothies

  • Giraffes, foxes, cats

  • Singing, dancing, writing, traveling, cosplay

  • Green, pink, orange, purple (jewel tones)

  • Tulips, orchids, water lilies, blue bells, honey suckle

  • Musicals, Disney, nature/history documentaries, action/adventure movies, mysteries

  • Summer, the beach, hammocks in the sun

Least Favorites:

  • Onions, blue candy, green melon, chili dogs, ham

  • Gross bugs, slobbery dogs

  • Yard work, washing dishes, watching sports on TV

  • Pastel and neon colors

  • Red roses, steel magnolias

  • Horror movies, super generic rom-coms

  • Winter, ice palaces, the freezer section at the grocery store

Wanna get to know me even better?  Check out my personality profiles

“For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, 'Do not fear, I will help you.'” 


—  Isaiah 41:13

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